11 thoughts on “363.3km Ilocos Road Trip: Things to do in the Northwestern Part of the Philippines

  1. 1, 2, 5, 8, 10. Those are the things I haven’t done or places I didn’t visit when my friends and I did our great Ilocos trip years ago. Ilocos is one of my fave destinations, I am absolutely amazed by Pagudpud and Vigan. I really want to go back just to visit those other places that I wasn’t able to cover.

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  2. Thoroughly enjoyable post. The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation looks incredible and I must say, you really do have an eye for a great shot. The Sunset at Pasuquin is a particularly striking shot

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  3. Great post! I’ve been wanting to go to Ilocos to see those wonderful places! It is too far and gotta be a long travel time. But it’s okay, I need to have my friends with me when I get there and take nice shots and memories too!

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  4. Wow! loved your shots, It’s a great place for a fab road trip. Vigan and Ilocos were on my list but had to skip them due to lack of time. next time! Loved the sunset picture at Ilocos Norte.

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  5. Almost had the same itinerary last year except the side trip you had in Vitalis Villas. However, we managed to visit the Sta Maria Church and fully crossed the Patapat Viaduct towards Cagayan Valley region to Sta Ana Anguib Beach via Magapit bridge.

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