The Dog Found His Purpose: Will I Find Mine?


As I was watching this movie yesterday, the narrator (Bailey: the dog) have asked a series of questions like:
What is the meaning of life?
Are we here for a reason?
Is there a point to any of these?
Is there a point to this journey of mine?
But at least, at the end of the movie, Bailey found his purpose as a dog.

Upon hearing those lines, there are a lot of things running through my mind. It is as if I am hearing myself talking to me and it is freaking me out.

These series of Bailey’s questions made me ask myself these questions:
Why do I have the same questions as him?
Am I a dog? πŸ™‚ Kidding! πŸ™‚ hahaha..
But seriously, all of these questions are also my questions.
What is the meaning of life?
Am I here for a reason?
Is there a point to my existence?
What is the point of my life’s journey?
Are we here to be born, then go to school, go to work, have a family, and die?

Is that it?

Will I find my purpose?






16 thoughts on “The Dog Found His Purpose: Will I Find Mine?

    1. ji!! πŸ˜€ tama kaaaa.. hmmmmm minsan kasi talaga weird ako mag isip.. what is life pag tatanggalin mo yung biblical context.. parang walaaaa naaa.. wala kang mahahanap na sagot.. naglalaro lang talaga utak ko kung minsan.. pero yun nga bumabalik at bumabalik pa din ako sa bible regarding sa existence ko.. πŸ™‚


  1. Our purpose is to find out what we’re like in a Universe where the Supreme Being is not visible to influence us. We all get a chance to walk in everyone else’s shoes eventually, so it’s not entirely unselfish to be kind to everyone, even your enemies. When we’re done here, we’ll go home for pizza and morning surf with God, the Great Surfer. That’s my myth. You can make up your own story or believe one of the world’s great traditional religions. They all have mega truth to them, though I’m not convinced that any of them is “infallible” in every detail. I think they all claim to be totally true, though. I don’t make any such claim for my myth. It’s probably not accurate, but who knows? The only thing I’m 100% (subjectively) sure about is that God exists, hears us and cares deeply. That’s enough for me.

    The views of science should not be trusted when it comes to spiritual matters because they have made the assumption that only matter and energy exist. From this unrealistic and shallow view, everything is meaningless. Not a healthy myth to believe. Science can only tell us the truth about physical things, and even then it’s often best to check things out for ourselves rather than believing the experts blindly. This is especially true when it comes to medicine and health issues.

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