Sleepless Hike: Baguio to Mt. Cayabu/Mt. Maynuba, Tanay, Rizal Dayhike


Hiking outside my hometown is very tiring. Aside from the hike itself, the travel from Baguio City to the Jump Off is quite a ride. Traveling from Baguio to Manila via Bus took me about 6 hours to arrive at our meeting place somewhere in Cubao, Quezon City where the group that I will be joining will meet.

The assembly time at the meeting place is 11:00 pm on the 28th of January 2017, so I traveled from Baguio City in the early morning of the 28th to avoid Manila traffic. Before I head to the meeting place, since it is still scheduled at 11:00 pm, I met some of my friends near the area, had some coffee and small talks to kill the time.

I arrived at the meeting place few minutes after 11:00 pm. The group waited for the vans to arrive and departed the area at around 12:30 am on the 29th of January. Since I’m quite tired, I slept in the van, thinking that the trip will be long enough for me to rest. However, I was wrong, very wrong! We arrived at the jump-off point located at Tanay, Rizal few minutes after 2:00 am and started the hike at around 3:00 am.

Even if the hike is just for beginners, I am not prepared that we will start the hike at dawn and the trail is very muddy, the weather condition is very windy, and drizzling. Weeeew! That’s quite challenging. Considering the fact that I didn’t have a good sleep. Hahaha Moreso, I was still able to conquer the 7-hour hike including photo ops, chats, and rests.

Below are my shots for a cloudy, gloomy, windy, and muddy hike. 🙂



44 thoughts on “Sleepless Hike: Baguio to Mt. Cayabu/Mt. Maynuba, Tanay, Rizal Dayhike

      1. DO you have pictures kung saan maraming bamboos? It’s ideal for a painting (got the guts to make it as a reference for my next one) but haven’t had a chance to take good ones since madilim nung time na andun kami.


              1. yeah maybe, haviing no enough rest in a hike is already exhausting. I’ll be posting it on my instagram if I’m done with it and sure’ll be crediting you for the photo 🙂 It would probably take months since I’m currently finishing one big proj. Thank you very much Michael! husay! 😀

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  1. Thanks for following my blog! I’m from Rizal and just a quick jeep ride to Tanay but haven’t been to Mt. Maynuba. Your shots are really great! 💪 You should also consider visiting other Tanay’s pride such as Daranak Falls and Regina Rica. As well as Masungi Georeserve and I’m sure you’ll find a lot of picturesque view. Be well!

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      1. I’m a homeschooling mom to 7 kiddos. It started with another blogger who challenged to see who could get their craft animal to travel the most miles/kilometers— her post is here— worldpress-amazing-race/ we joined the race and I added the twist of trying to see how many countries we could have Mr. Owl of #TeamOwl to travel to. My kidddos are excited and we are tracking Mr. Owl around the world and learning about each country he visits. He just left our house this past week to travel to the following countries: Canada, USA, China, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Nepal and Latvia….it is a very small and lightweight foam owl that fits inside a regular envelope… you would just receive him and then send him on his way to the next country and I will write a blog about your country and link to your blog… 😁😁😁

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        1. Oh now I get it.. So you need my exact address? I thought I’m going to meet a person or something like that. I will send it in your blog. I just emailed you the name of the City and province where I live.

          what will I do with the owl once I receive it?

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          1. I got your address in email. I should just address it as I see? I will send instructions with Mr. owl, but basically you will just let me know he arrived. If you’re really awesome, (and this is up your alley) you will snap a photo(s) of Mr. Owl in your country to add to the blog post, as well as any cool facts about your country I can include. Then yes, just stuff him back into an envelope and send off to the next country! Easy! 😁😁😁😁

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    1. Thank you so much.. Btw, what I use is my Canon Eos 60d. I use a stock lens of 18-135mm. sometimes I interchange it with a 50mm prime lens depending on the subject.. but I usually use the 18-135mm for my travels and landscape photos. 🙂

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  2. We can be tired, didn’t sleep well, not be prepared but in the end, the hiking is always amazing don’t you agree? Looking at your pictures I can feel it, the landscape around its gorgeous!!

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  3. Nice photos! I am planning to go there too since I am quite near the area. It’s really challenging when it is muddy, I haven’t experienced muddy trail so far, so I know that it’s going to be a challenge for me. Nice one!

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  4. You went on a hike without having enough sleep? Dang! I’m not gonna do that. I know my limits and I don’t want to do such a strenuous activity with such little sleep. Not only that, the trail is muddy. I am astounded by your stamina. Looks like it’s worth it because the view is amazing.

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  5. The hike looks interesting! Loved your pictures. Even I was tired by the journey from Manila to Sagada via Baguio. Although comfortable, I was deprived of proper sleep in the bus. Kudos to you for the trek!

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