Aurora Province (Philippines) Adventure; More Than Just A Surfer’s Den

Travelling solo is one of my fears and I was able to conquer it in the Province of Aurora in 3 days including my travel time. My drop off point is at Baler, Aurora, Philippines and it is a 6-8 hour drive from Baguio City. Baler, Aurora is the most famous part of Aurora especially the Sabang Beach because it has the best waves for surfers. However, Aurora is far more than just a surfer’s den. Aurora is also for hikers, photographers, bikers, and for those who just want to spend their weekends or holidays away from their busy lives. It is also a province full of adventure, life, nature, landscape, history, arts, and serenity.

If you are visiting the province on a public vehicle, tricycle tours are available to tour you around. The only catch with this solo trip is that I was the only one to shoulder all the fees which could be shared if you were in groups especially for the tricycle tour and the accommodation. All other fees are very affordable, the food and the entrance fees in all the tourist spots.

Travelling this province alone is still worth my time and effort. 🙂

Here’s my gallery for my 3-day trip in Aurora Province, Philippines (please see individual photos for the settings):

Baler, Aurora

Ampere Beach, Dipaculao Aurora
Please see link: Chasing Sunrise: Ampere Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora, Philippines

Millenium Tree (Balete Tree), Maria Aurora, Aurora

Caunayan Falls, San Luis, Aurora

Diguisit Beach, Rock Formations, and Lighthouse, Diguisit, Aurora

Diguisit Falls, Diguisit, Aurora

 December 19-21, 2016
Canon EOS 60d


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