Chasing Sunrise: Ampere Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora, Philippines

I’m willing to travel miles and miles away just to chase my dreams.

Chasing the sun is very very very unpredictable, you don’t know whether you’ll get a good shot or not. It depends on the weather of course, cloud formation, timing, and what else? Your mood as a photographer? Inspiration! I guess.

Well, anyway, during my last travel at Aurora province, I woke up very early and had a chance to take these shots at the Ampere Beach located in Barangay Dipaculao, Province of Aurora, Phiippines. After how many hours travelling from Baguio City, I think my visit in this province is very worthwhile.

The shots were taken with different settings (please see individual photos) with tripod. Some where taken with long exposure especially before the sun came up, which gave the waves a foamy soft effect.

Canon EOS 60d


27 thoughts on “Chasing Sunrise: Ampere Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora, Philippines

  1. I enjoy learning about your country through your amazing photographs. And they are beautiful. Thank you for following me at Roughwighting. I agree that it takes technique to take a good shot, but more than anything, it takes inspiration. Just as in writing, where the writing technique is important, of course, but without soul and inspiration, the words mean nothing.

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  2. Beautiful photos! I prefer sunrise photos over sunset because after the night the air is cooler and if you are lucky you can capture those misty mornings that gives a special touch to the pictures, same as your first photos of the rocks.

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