Lights and Lightning

Lights and Lightning Baguio City 2016

Capturing lightning is one of my frustrations as a beginning photographer. I want to capture stunning and mind blowing photos like how the storm catchers do it.

This tiny lightning photograph is the first lightning I have caught with my camera. To capture this one, i have waited for almost an hour and a couple of tries just for my lens to capture a slit of that lightning with the following settings:

30 sec.

Canon EOS 60d

Looking forward to more lightning photos. πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Lights and Lightning

  1. 18megapixel, I like the lightning picture, it is a very beautiful shot, the way you captured the color of the buildings with the storm moving in… I always enjoyed photography
    One of the few times I ever saw my Uncle with his hat off was early one morning and spread out in front of him and my Father was about a dozen head of cattle laid in odd positions…. the lightning had killed them.
    During the “climate change” BS, I found the answer to “Hole in the Ozone Layer” BS and in the process I found pics you would appreciate: Catatumbo Lightning, one pic shows several hundred strokes of lightning striking the water at the same time, if you can’t find that one particular pic, I will post it for you.
    Keep up the great work,

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  2. I am not an artist or photographer myself but I appreciate art! I loved that pic of lightning. When I was younger, we would be told about Northern Lights and the mechanism behind it and i was always enthusiastic to know more about the Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere and Exosphere and the various designs that a thunder creates in the atmosphere! Thanks for a brilliant capture.
    (Ambuj Saxena)

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