Capisaan Cave System, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Exploring the Philippines is one of the most exciting, breath-taking, and mind-blowing experience you will ever have. You will be too awestruck to describe the great wonders God has given this country. You will be able to experience and witness different marvels that you have never expected that would exist in such a small country like the Philippines.

Capisaan Cave System is one of the less explored and visited tourist spot in the country due to its hidden location. Another note is that this particular cave perfectly fits those people who are craving for adventure-filled and thrilling experience. This is perfect for those people who don’t mind diving in the mud, getting bruised and scarred, swimming in the freezing water, passing through small holes, falling in ravines, and traversing an unfamiliar place full of surprises in every step that you make.

The cave system is the fifth longest cave system in the country with a total distance of 4.2km and is located 700-900masl in Brgy. Capisaan, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. (

As a photographer, shooting inside a cave with zero to low light except for the light coming from flashlights and the built-in camera flash is one of the hardest and most challenging part of this trip. You need to find the perfect settings that will work, and for you not to waste the awesome views that you are passing through. You need a perfect balance with your ISO and Aperture to fit your Fastest Shutter Speed and for you to be able to shoot with your hands. Of course shooting with your tripod with a long exposure is very impractical and very funny for this kind of trip. 🙂 Another problem with this trip is the conflicting interest between getting a great shot, protecting your camera, and protecting your life. haha! 🙂

Here are some of the clear/blurry shots taken inside the cave:

© Michael Soriano 2016


19 thoughts on “Capisaan Cave System, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

  1. They really are beautiful. The colors and formations are like nothing I could imagine. But, that sound you heard was me fainting after a claustrophobia freak-out! LOL! I toured salt mines once trying to overcome my fear – nope, didn’t work! LOL! So I’ll just enjoy your amazing photos! 😉

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  2. Well it simply goes without saying that you are obviously a wonderful and talented photographer to take such beautiful photos in a place where the correct light would certainly be a big challenge to most people. I just love the detail and it makes me imagine what it would have been like in that location. Perhaps one day I might be lucky enough to see it for myself also.

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  3. Wow you took great photos! We all know that it’s hard to take pictures inside the cave, you really need to have a good camera for it. Looking through the gallery though, I can honestly say that in your case it’s more than having a good camera, you do have the eye for photography, what a job well done! It makes me want to go and explore Capisaan cave for myself. I do agree that the Philippines has so many hidden wonders that exploring them would give you such a rush.

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  4. I am speechless and amazed at the caves. Caves have always attracted me so I was kind of happy to read about it. I have added this to my already long list of places to visit. I am really impressed with the pictures with low light situation they have come out so beautifully. Please share the camera settings further too. I just cannot wait to explore it. Sharing your blog with my friends I am sure they will be as amazed as I am.

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    1. Thank you Vinuta! 🙂 If you want to explore the settings, It is located in the individual pictures if you click on it. And for that case I have used the built-in camera of my Canon EOS 60d, it is a quite old camera but can do its job well.. 😀

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